Lemme tell you about the place I live: Rochester, NY.

We take our junk food seriously, and to ridiculous places. There’s a place called “Lugia’s” which is very close by to me. It’s always packed, and the small is huge. When you order a large, the clerks laugh. That’s not to say that our staples, Abbott’s and Tom Wahl’s (which serves Abbott’s custard), skimp on their ice cream sizes.

Also, if you aren’t from Rochester, Google the “Garbage Plate.” Actually, let me do that for you. Nick Tahou’s is about as Rochester as you can get, since Kodak is pretty much on life support by now (probably from eating one too many Garbage Plates…) You might look at those pictures and think, “Wow, that looks disgusting.”

Come on down to Tahou’s, buy one, then decide just how disgusting it is.